Submitted by callum on 25 Feb 2013
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I was doing my rounds of the Ingress portals, which is a fun way of getting out and about for some exercise. I had to wait for about 5 minutes to let the portal recharge so I watched some cormorants diving for their lunch. In the distance something surfaced and then submerged without me properly seeing the shape, but it now had my undivided attention. It popped up again and I could see this was not a seal, which are the normal diving mammals in the Clyde Estuary, but a Dolphin! [Ok, it may also have been a Porpoise, I am not sure how to tell the difference]. It was kind of far away and did not surface in a regular pattern, but I did manage to grab a shot - although its somewhat grainy as it was less than ideal shooting conditions and fully zoomed out!